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                Puyang Yongan Chemical Co., Ltd (YACC)is certificated by ISO9001: 2000 Quality Management System Certification, with the self-supported rights of import and export, and specialized in producing chemical products including Pentaerythritol, Dipentaerythritol, and Tripentaer with high technology. The company is located in Puyang city which is famous as the State-level Healthy City, Garden City, and Tourist City. Yongan Chemical believes in "Only specialization brings exceeding, and only devotion brings the excellence". Since founding, we have been engaged in research and development, production and marketing of Pentaerythritol series products. We adhere to the independent res……
                • 10000ton
                  Annual production of pentaerythritol
                • 2000ton
                  Annual output of dipentaerythritol
                • 500ton
                  Annual output of Tripentaerythritol
                • 5000ton
                  Annual production of calcium formate
                • 5000ton
                  Annual production of sodium formate
                TELPHONE:0393-4624296 4624489 4624398
                FAX :0393-4624296
                ADDRESS:West Section of Huanghe Road, High-tech Development Zone, Puyang City
                Copyright:Puyang Yongan Chemical Co., Ltd. Yuicp preparation No. 05002971 technical support: huawang media statistics